There is some really interesting things going on in this realm of podcasting.

What is podcasting? There is a definition on the Wikipedia. Dave Slusher boils down a podcast to three things:

  1. Must be a discrete and downloadable media file
  2. Published in an RSS 2.0 enclosure feed
  3. Handled automatically on the receiver end, downloaded and moved to where it needs to be and put in the playlists for your playback device

Doc Searls probably has the most linked to post on the subject.

iPodderX is the first newsreader for audio files. You subscribe to feeds and it downloads any audio contained in them. It is a very simple application at this point that will undoubtly evolve.

Adam Curry is probably the biggest cheerleader for podcasting right now. You can check out the iPodder.org website. You can also start listening to his Daily Source Code.

One last thing – I had a post back on September 3rd where I described what needed to happen with audio blogging:

I think it is going to take some more experimenting in form and function. How can I easily record post and upload them? What if it was easy for readers to download audio posts onto their iPod and listen to them later? RSS readers detecting audio posts, downloading the new ones, and putting them into a playlist on iTunes?

How about that? Some others saw the same thing and made something happen. I love the stuff that is going on with this. You will see an experiment from me soon.