PR Pitfalls with Bloggers

There has been an interesting discussion started around PR and blogging. It started with John and Richard of the Marketing Playbook sending out some email to bloggers telling them about their new book. Peter Davidson immediately stepped in and called the authors out for sending out spam and not knowing how to pitch to bloggers. All sorts of people have chimed in since including Kristen and Rich. The boys at MP have posted an apology or two.

I talked about how I liked the book over at 800-CEO-READ, but in this post I want to talk about the PR and blogging.

Here is my thoughts on the subject:

  1. Blogs are people and people are posting things that interest them. Those seeking PR have to read the blog to know if what you are offering is going to be a fit. Also understand that bloggers talk about everything, and that anything is fair game from the moment you contact them.
  2. Those seeking PR need to send links. That is the basis for the medium. Give me a link I can read and send others to.
  3. Don’t get cheap. I had a person pitch me with a .pdf file of a chapter from a book. I showed interest, asked for a copy, and was turned down. If you want some love, don’t just flirt with me.
  4. PR people need to know bloggers are going to be a hard sell. I don’t think I have endorsed a product or service that has been pitched to me. I know this to be common with other bloggers too. [P.S. it is a little different over at 800-CEO-READ. I talk to authors, publishers, and PR people all the time.]