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Last month, Ben and Jackie at Church of the Customer posted an opening for a marketing intern. I have been a fan of Ben and Jackie’s stuff, and decided to throw my hat in the ring.

You might ask why I would do that – take a non-paying internship as I am trying to grow my own business. The first factor was proximity. They are located about two hours from my house. It is not a daily commute I would want to make, but spending time in the office is possible. I thought it would be equally important to them.

The second factor is freedom. I have the time available to do this. If I was working a 50 hr a week job, I would not have even considered it. I have the luxury (and it is a luxury) to make decisions about how I spend me time.

The experience is the most important factor. It has really struck me as I watch shows like Made and Faking It. What you see is the value of working with good mentors. You also see the progress you can make it a relatively short period of time. I looked at this internship the same way. I thought there could be a lot learned in a short period of time.

They asked for a pdf file that described your interest in the position, your view of marketing, and your work history. Here is what I submitted.

I interviewed with Ben and Jackie early last week and received a call from them on Friday asking if I would like to work with them.

I said yes.

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  1. Congratulations, Todd. You have seized an opportunity that most would not have even considered. You will no doubt learn a lot and be better off for having had this experience. Looking forward to reading more about.

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