I love the Olympics

I really do. The only thing keeping me from them now is the final round of the PGA Championship being played at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin (Haven, WI to be exact). The last golf major was held in WI back in 1933. So, it is kind of a big deal.

Back to the Olympics, I love that NBC is utilizing seven networks to bring you a bazillion hours of coverage. You can find the current schedule on nbcolympics.com. You really need an interactive schedule to keep up with it all.

One thought on “I love the Olympics

  1. Sorry Todd but I hate the Olympics because I don’t have cable so all I get to see is the absolutely AWFUL NBC coverage that has been completely Disney’fied. As an ex track and field guy I just loved watching the Olympics in the olden days when they would actually show events in the order they were run instead of how they fit into commercial breaks.
    Instead, I am enjoying a great book and watching Summer end.

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