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Zach Braff of Scrubs fame is writing a blog to promote his new movie Garden State. He wrote it, directed it and stars in it with Natalie Portman.

I think the entertainment industry could benefit greatly from using blogs to promote projects. There is always a built in set of people who are passionate about a project. It could be because of the love of the actors, the director, the original writer of the material, etc. The key is to have the person producing the passion be the one who is blogging. Consider Zach’s blog. He is getting between 60 and 300 comments on each entry. People want him to succeed.

[link courtesy of David at Dial.Log, photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures]

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  1. Yeah, lots of folk loved the Spiderman 2 blogs as well. I can easily see Hollywood getting on this bandwagon.

    Key for movie blogs will not only be “inside info” but probably multiple participants. Would provide great info for the DVD as well 😉

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