Not all happiness at Global PR Week

I posted my quick thought on Corporate Blogging yesterday. It was nothing earth shattering, but a quick summary of what I we are doing at 800CEOREAD.

Today I read this post from Elizabeth Albrycht. It is titled Lessons Learned: Day 2. She decides to chide participants for everything from writing about their businesses (was this called PR Week?) to spelling and grammer mistakes. She is also concerned about people talking negative about PR people (hello? transparency).

When the idea came together for PR Week, I thought it was a great idea. I am all for pulling groups of bloggers together and having great conversations (BBBT, Brand Week). Then, the emails started. I was getting 10-20 emails a day talking about what is the official name going to be and what graphic are we going to use and what software would be best and…it goes on. Luckily, the discussion was moved to a Yahoo! Group and I got a summary everyday. I realize that when you pull together a big project like this that you need to have communication. There was so much communication that I stopped listening. I just wanted to participate.

I was lucky enough to get an email from the organizers with the info I need to participate or else I probably would have skipped it.

My problem is with the process, not the content. Please go check out the discussion going on. Evelyn has some great stuff (especially here). Check out the Corporate Blogging Survey by John Cass. And how can you resist a “PR is Dead” post during PR Week…sorry Global PR Blog Week 1.0 (I don’t want to violate another rule).

3 thoughts on “Not all happiness at Global PR Week

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  3. Todd: I agree that the email stream was high prior to the event. But I think it was due to the fact that the event came to fruition on the fly. Pulling together 30 folks from around the globe online is easy enough, until you try and herd the cats into one room.

    Hopefully 2.0 is smoother and benefits from the early email onslaught.

    Thanks for participating and for the transparency.

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