Sci-Fi 2

I hope you won’t permanantly stop reading this blog, because of this second post about science fiction. There is just so much going on there that I thought it was worth another entry.

I,Robot is opening next weekend. WSJ confirmed my fears on Friday saying:

Readers familiar with Issac Asimov’s collection of short stories under the “I, Robot” title may be surprised to discover that the movie of the same name, which stars Will Smith and open next Friday, bears comparatively little resemblance to the science-fiction writer’s tales…

Tom Rothman, chairman of Fox, concedes that “Asimov purists” may take exception to what they see on the scrren but fans of the science-fiction writer, he predicts, “will be very happy because we are faithful to the essence of [Asimov’s] ideas”

[shaking head]

Star Trek: Enterprise is going into a fourth season. The ratings have never shored up for the series. I have only ever watched one or two episodes. It is reported that Paramount cut the episode price ($1.7MM to $0.8MM) and UPN signed on. It is moving to Fridays. TV Guide reported on this a couple weeks ago and made two good pointa: Paramount needs the fourth season to go into syndication and they probably consider producing more content for Trekkies more important than the initial loss they’ll take.

Stargate:SG1 started its eighth season on Friday on The Sci-Fi Channel. I could never get into this series either. Ratings put the audience at 2.8 million for each new episode. So, someone is watching. They have also created a second series called Stargate:Atlantis. It premieres next week.

Finally, Battlestar Galactica is returning as a weekly series starting in January 2005. The mini-series that ran in December was very popular and a test to see what the reception would be like. I watched it and thought it was really good. It was a great mix of old and new elements of the story.

All of this is old news to sci-fi zealots. I ran across most of this in the last week. I hope it is news to some of you and maybe even of interest.

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  1. I’m glad you’re commenting on sci-fi! I think the beauty of blogging is that we get a glimpse of the person behind the blog… even if (and especially if) it’s a business-oriented blog. I’ll probably start writing more on things of personal interest as well. It’s more fun to mix things up.

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