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Steve Rubel had breakfast with Nick Denton and he has three great takeaways about the way Nick does business:

  1. Pick a Great Name
  2. Use Blogs to Get Traffic
  3. Focus on Men

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2 thoughts on “Blog Marketing

  1. Hiya Todd:

    Agree with 1 and 2.
    But with regard to 3…
    Well, this little Chick has a hypothesis: Nick is merely focusing on what he knows best. 🙂
    Nick has some plan — did ya catch his June Business 2.0 article?

    Yes…women currently represent less than 10% of political bloggers and a mere 21% of blog readers:

    Men may dominate the blogging world for the MOMENT. I believe that much like changing small business trends (women now start businesses at twice the rate of men) women will be the next blogging world wave. Sir Seth believes there is benefit to focusing on the next big wave. Why focus where everyone else is fishing? My hypothesis: women bloggers will burgeon forth in the SMALL BUSINESS BLOG space.

    Watch and wait for the trend-spotting to take shape.

    p.s. google this: women entrepreneurs blog. or kerry women entrepreneurs. Oh goodness. Shame on me there, I’m starting to sound like Nick Denton.

    CEO, Founder, & Kinda Cool Chick
    re:invention, inc.
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