Half Empty

Scott Rosenburg discusses his comments from Supernova. He takes a less optimist view to the adoption of blogging by the wider corporate world. I have to agree. If companies don’t have time to talk to bloggers, how can they be putting any importance on having internal folks creating blogs?

4 thoughts on “Half Empty

  1. Well the big boys won’t realise until they see what blogs can do AGAINST them. Look at the combined power of movie and blog of Morgan Spurlock (supersize me). Part of the reason why he can cause troubles for McDonalds all around the world is his blog where people fuel the game along the way – its viral marketing at its best.

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  3. No one could have predicted what blogs have become. Who knows how businesses will create/discover uses for blogs…

  4. Big business will adopt blogs rapidly enough when they see the $$$$…and that will be the beginning of the end for bloggers. Big business already controls politics, news, and big macs… let’s not let them get blogging. When they start blogs, let’s all make sure we remain true to our own causes, our own purposes, and not allow the corporate goats to eat at our table unless they play by our rules. So far, blogging is unique to the individual writing the blog; his or her own voice online…without regard to a ‘boss’ or a ‘manager’ approving the content. Best to keep it that way, no matter how the big boys try to change it to suit THEIR wants and need…and try they will. Depend on that.

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