Mike commented on my post

Mike commented on my post about soloing saying:

With regard to Peter Drucker’s comment about 3 years to break even, did the author offer any advice to those of us who don’t have a big bankroll (like me), but who are seriously considering soloing?

Harriet Rubin does offer some financial suggestions. First, she thinks you should ask for severance if you decide to leave a company. She says also consider negotiating a retainer versus taking severance. Yet she also says:

I have not heard a single story of a company that didn’t turn on an employee as he prepared to go solo. When you announce you’re going out on your own, you pose a threat to everyone you leave behind, a psychological threat, not a business threat- which is worse. Your ex-corporate colleagues act out their belief that you have demeaned them. They feel that you are saying, in effect, “I’m better than you; I can make it on my own.”

Otherwise, she says you just have to do it and everything will work itself out.