Low Carb Colas

I told you about my search for C2 (again there would be a link, if I could find one) last week. Since then, I found out that C2’s official launch was Monday.

I was again in the grocery store yesterday for the weekly trip and saw no sign of the low carb cola. But what I did see what Pepsi Edge available in 20 oz. single bottles occupying a great location at the end of the aisle. I bought a couple of bottles and tried it last night. My wife and I thought it was pretty good. You get a little aftertaste of the artificial sweetener. I recommend going out and trying it. We will probably buy a 12-pack and see if it can replace the full carb version we drink now.

Business lessons;

  1. Being first helps
  2. Make it easy for people to sample
  3. Don’t be afraid to introduce one product that will cannibalize another