It’s about the feed

A VC hits it on the head. It isn’t about your blog anymore. It is about the feed.

I was talking with my graphic designing friend Tim yesterday. We were talking about an identity for Astronaut Projects and a possible facelift here. I told him that there wasn’t much point in upgrading the look to A Penny For…, because less people are going to be visiting the site. They are going to come looking for the feed and subscribe. They may be back on a rare occasion to get some additional information. As feeds provide more stuff, visitors will visit even less.

With the first anniversary of A Penny For… coming up, we will probably spiff things up a bit around here.

One thought on “It’s about the feed

  1. I had forgotten how good your weblog was!

    I think there is something about RSS feeds that has, or will, change the future of blogging. I have so many links on my blog that I just do not have time to visit them all within a month. In fact, I have been so busy that I haven’t even had time to open FeedDemon and see what my favorite blogs have been doing. This morning, however, I opened FeedDemon and was able to see a summary of ALL of the posts that I had missed!

    I smack my forehead. Duh! An aggregator is like TIVO for blogs! I’ll never have to miss another post.

    The only thing I haven’t worked out is how one tracks the number of people who are reading your RSS feed.

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