Blogger and PR

Marketingsherpa has an article out about how PR people should contact bloggers. From the article:

[Seth] Godin writes about marketing, he’s super well-known, and he needs to be on your radar if you’re in the marketing or PR industry.

But don’t try to pitch him, or even contact him.

“PR people should never contact me. It has never worked once. If they
do, I make it a point to never mention their client, ever,” he says.

I share the thoughts of Seth Godin. PR people have contacted me. When I try to engage in a conversation, I am offered a list of canned statements I can quote. That’s not what I am looking for.

Bloggers want something that matches their interest. They want something they can link to. I am looking for things that are unique and readers won’t find on other blogs.

Steve Hall of Adrants describes well what I want:

Think of your relationship with a blogger as a conversation, he suggests. For example, one person sends weekly instant messages to Hall, always “the juiciest stuff,” he says. “He sent me a lead on this scavenger hunt in New York City that Nike is doing. I scoured Google for news on it, couldn’t find it anywhere, and had it on my site a week and a half before I saw it anywhere else.”