I-Tunes To Save Music Industry

There was a short article about iTunes on CBSMarketwatch today.

I realized I tend to talk about iTunes a lot here. I like the product. I think it is leading change in an antiquated industry. It is interesting to watch that change from its beginnings only a year ago.

I only wish you could link to a song or album.

4 thoughts on “I-Tunes To Save Music Industry

  1. iTunes segue to Honda Civic taking a page from Mitsubishi and VW’s book of branding through music…

    Honda/Civic Tour Launch Website, Offer Free Downloadable Music
    Dashboard Confessional kicked off the launch of civictour.com yesterday, the official Civic Tour 2004 website. The Civic Tour is offering fans the chance to download music exclusively from the website, free of charge. The free downloading ends once the first 500,000 downloads are completed.

    This is from MediaPost btw

  2. If you control-click on the song title in the ITMS, you get an option to “Copy itunes music store URL” At least that’s how it works on the Mac. On a PC, I’m guessing it’s a right click.

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