Trouble for Six Apart

MT 3.0DE is released. I have been trying to link to Mena’s post on it, but it looks like their server is a bit overwhelmed.

There is new pricing, there is new policy, and there are a lot of upset people. Dana has the best rundown of the conversation right now.

The 15 author limit is going to cause me the most problems. At 800-CEO-READ, we plan on have lots of guest authors who will post for a day or a week. Rather than quoting their material, I would like them to be able to post it themselves. I don’t mind paying for the software, but it seems like Six Apart are missing how their customers are using it.

2 thoughts on “Trouble for Six Apart

  1. Looks like everyone’s getting a hold of this one. The only site that I can still get to with any reliability is the Beta site with a few commenters checking in. Mena’s post no longer has the scroll of trackbacks and the support forums are returning some obscure mySQL error.


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