Pepsi Promotion Flat?

Everyone is talking about how Apple didn’t sell 100 millions songs like they said they would. Yesterday, it was reported that only 5 million of the potential 100 million songs have been redeemed in the Pepsi iTunes giveaway [via Dynamist].

Two thoughts:

  1. 5 million downloads!!!! Getting the U.S. population to do five million of same thing is a big deal.
  2. I am sure we have a marketeer in the blogsphere that can confirm for me a 5% conversion rate on a giveaway is nothing to complain about.

2 thoughts on “Pepsi Promotion Flat?

  1. What percentage of the general population…

    1. has a computer
    2. has a computer with Itunes installed
    3. has ever downloaded music from any source
    4. and cares enough about music to redeem a .99 coupon?

    I’m guessing it is around 5%. I’m also guessing Apple and Pepsi knew that going in.

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