Carnival of the Consumers

Jeff Doolittle has put together the Carnival of the Consumers. In his own words:

The purpose of this new Carnival is to share your experiences with the products you interact with each day. Whether it is a car, computer, guitar, or cleaning product, this is your chance to tell the world what you love/hate about something you’ve purchased in the past 3 months. What did you pay for the item? Where did you purchase it? Would you recommend the product to others? How does it compare to competing products? Tell us all about it.

There are some further guidelines on the index page.

I think it is a cool idea. With the growing mistrust of online reviews at places like Amazon, blogs become a source of information from known identity. Companies would be smart to pull these reviews together on each of their own sites. I like this Carnival because you get a smorgasbord in each edition.

[via Branding Blog]