I was following some links through the Amazon’s new A9 search engine. I found some references on to a site called BlogRunner. I followed the link and found everything from my blog was basically available from their site. Check it out.

It looks like the site is tracking lots of blogs and trying to keep track of conversations going on.

Wayne, we need your insight.

Is anybody else familiar with this site and what they are trying to do?

One thought on “BlogRunner

  1. BlogRunner is a directory/RSS/Atom blog feed aggregator. It provides up to date records of blog feeds from all over the blogosphere.

    BlogRunner’s internal blog directory remains very incomplete, however. Everyone is urged to submit their blog and feed to BlogRunner. They only ask for the URL/atom or URL/RSS, etc. plus an e-mail address.

    I keep submitting my three blogs, in the hope that some day, they may actually appear. I suspect that BlogRunner’s addition process for newly submitted blogs is rather slow.

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