Brand Week – Question #3

I find it interesting the things that company’s will do in the name of their brand. I was particularly intrigued by the BMW Films. I absolutely loved the series and I will forever associate that experience with the carmaker. The trouble is I don’t think it made it any more likely that I would buy one of their cars.

What brought this to mind was a visit to Daypop’s Top 40 last week. At number #32 was “The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman”. Jerry and American Express have teamed up to create a couple of short films (4-5 min). The first film is up and it is great. It seems AE is taking the same route as BMW to create entertainment to enhance their brand.

So, here is the question – Do you agree with this method of brand building? Will BMW and American Express’ brands benefit from producing entertainment? Why or Why Not?

3 thoughts on “Brand Week – Question #3

  1. No marketing tactic will necessarily build a brand all by itself. Working in concert with a host of marketing tactics designed to surround the customer as they move through the purchase decision cycle…it will build a brand.

    Based on what I know about BMW, the films are a clear extension of what a BMW provides you…speed and adventure to name two. At least this is what I think as the cars speed past me in my 4 cylinder Honda Accord. sigh.

    Amex hitches their wagon to Seinfeld and Superman. The nostalgia for both is palpable. So while the lesson that my purchases are covered when I use Amex might not be clear to everyone and it might not drive me to get an Amex card, it does not hurt them to be associated with these two icons. And it generates a ton of buzz for them in the process.

  2. Great answer, Kevin. I’m in complete agreement. I think that what BMW and AMEX are doing is extending another aspect of the company’s “personality.” It’s soft branding, and is more powerful to a specific set of people — people with core values that resonate with the BMW or AMEX films… for example, as Kevin said, nostalgia. Placing ourselves in that BMW and in the middle of a chase… a bit of self-actualization.

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