Brand Week – Question #2

Today’s we are going to talk about the birth of brands. Specifically, I want to discuss the decision for company to create a new brand.

Let me give you a few thoughts. The number of the major airlines have announced low-cost service under a new name (i.e. Song from Delta, Ted from United). Vollrath, a Wisconsin based cookware manufacturer, is entering the consumer market, after 130 years of success in commercial kitchens.

Today’s question is: What factors do you consider when deciding to create a new brand within an existing business?

2 thoughts on “Brand Week – Question #2

  1. My questions?

    Who will it fly with? And will the other pilots laugh at my Chef’s hat?

    Seriously, I’d say Song and Ted have the tougher row to hoe. If you’re going to be different, you have to look for ideas and inspiration in different places. Saturn, I suppose, is a prime example of the clean break for a “nephew niche” (Hey, I just invented some jargon!) A new company for aviation literally means new rules.

    Vollrath, however, one could run with for miles–Authenticity-cicity. Heritage, the assumed mantle of “Chef-dom” for a mere few thousand bucks. The idea that your cooking is crappy because, ma’am or sir, your tools are wrong. I personally wouldn’t insult the consumer with that lie, but I bet their agency will give it a good go.

    The key is Vollrath has earned its wings in battle so to speak, but U and D have proven lackluster at performing their core business–they have no principled pedestal to stand on. As they say, it’s not principle unless it costs you something, so, prune off a bit of the companies, and plant them elsewhere and see what grows. That’s the climb back into integrity and pride. And cash.

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