The A-Z in KaosPilot A-Z

The main prose in KaosPilot A-Z is organized alphabetically into sections. The first heading is Arrival and talks about the arrival of the first team of KaosPilots in 1991. The original marketing material described the school in this way:

…the KaosPilots is a project management education for you and your drive for culture, action and good ideas. Because the world needs pilots who can navigate the high voltage between education, work, and culture – and use it as a platform for new projects. Projects that can show new flight paths – alternatives to the ways we usually think about identity, quality of life and personal potential. Because the world needs skilled, visionary, enterprising project managers. Because the world needs inspiring model projects…

Each section ends with cross-references to other sections. At the end of Arrival, the recommended sections include Frontrunners, Facts, Aarhus, Cutting Edge, Hall of Respect, Logo, Name and DNA.

Under the letter A, you will find the aforementioned Arrival, along with Apple, The Arts (& Business), AIDS, Authenic, Aarhus, and AGF. The book ends with the a section titled Zen and the quote, “When the student is ready, the master appears”.

I wanted to give you a feel for the fact that this book covers a lot of ground in a unique way.