Blogging about Blogging

There seems to be a lot of blogging about blogging lately.

Ripple writes about blogging for a long time.
Jeremy is not sure he wants to keep blogging.
BloggerCon is coming up and that is generating lots of talk.
People don’t like that they aren’t on the A-list.
And the conversation about making money with blogs continues to grow.

I realize between bloggers that this is going to be popular topic. I have posted multiple times on various aspects. I guess I have just reached the saturation point.

My thoughts:

  • Any blog worth reading is written by a person and from a perspective. That’s why people like reading them.
  • People who write blogs do it because they enjoy it. They want to share their thoughts with others
  • Blogs are about finding people who share your interests. And it is about the dialogue that takes place in that loose community. My wife got tired of hearing my cute little business stories. My blog gives me someone to tell those stories too.
  • I don’t care that I am not on the A-list. I’ll be honest though. I do like knowing someone is reading my stuff.
  • Blogs are dependent on people, so if someone decides not to blog any more, so be it. It could be lack of time, lack of energy, or lack of something to say. There are many great blogs that have disappeared for all those reasons.
  • If people want to promote, advertise, or sell on their blog, so be it. I don’t think I will ever have advertising here; I find it distracting. I already sell through Amazon links. I may do a little more selling in the future. I think you do all of those things at risk of your readers’ wrath or defection.

ok…I think I feel better now.

One thought on “Blogging about Blogging

  1. Well if that’s the way you feel, I’m leaving!

    /me stomps off


    Btw, I’m feeling much better today!

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