Cuban invasion

Q: I would like to get your thoughts one of your case studies – Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks. What do you think of his new blog?

A: Cuban is an incredibly smart and savvy businessman, and a brilliant marketer. Someone asked us during the course of our research for “Creating Customer Evangelists” if Cuban was smart or just lucky for having sold his former company,, to Yahoo for nearly $6 billion. Our answer: If luck and good fortune were the streets of a city intersection, Cuban would own all of the property in the neighborhood.

Considering how computer-savvy he is, we’re wondering why it took Cuban so long to launch his blog (which debuted earlier this month).

That said, what’s he written so far is pure Cuban: provocative and outrageous. In explaining why he’s referring reporters to read his blog for quotes, he writes: “[It’s because of] the satisfaction of knowing that each [reporter] will have to explain to their editors what a blog is — and argue for who knows how long about whether or not is an attributable source.”