A couple examples of customer evangelism

I saw this great case study that marketingsherpa republished this week and I thought it went really well with our talk of customer evangelism.

The company is a Australian microbrewery called Southern Cross Brewers and their product is Blowfly Beer. The founders had no experience and there was really no prescient for microbreweries in Australia.

They decided to create a marketing campaign that involved their customers from the start. They decided to let their customers decide numerous aspects of the company including the logo, shape of the bottle, and location of the launch party. Go read the case study.

FC Now also had a post about this yesterday. The inspiration for the viral campaign was from a Fast Company article in the April 2002 issue. “Who’s Runs This Team, Anyway?” is about Finnish soccer team PK-35 and Finnish entrepreneur Jussi Rautavirta. Rautavirta and coach Janne Viljamaa used cellphone text messaging to allow 300 fans to give advice during games on things like team selection and game tactics.

Blowfly is working on a number of deals outside Oz, but it seem PK-35 has gone back to the coach running the show.