Business and Blogging III

I am on a quest. I want to find businesses that are using weblogs to communicate with their customers. I want ones that are doing it well. I want companies that are creating conversations with their customers

I have highlighted Jewelboxing in the past.

I am looking for more good examples.

Please leave your examples in the comments section or send me an email – todd at apennyfor dot com. Please include your thoughts on why you think they are using weblogs well.

To sweeten the offer, I will send a copy of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow to three people who provide the best examples.

3 thoughts on “Business and Blogging III

  1. We have a business blog at Opossum. We talk about stuff that our clients and friends will find usefull. It’s in french (we are in Quebec city) so you may not be able to read it. It serves us well: when we talk about something on our blog, people rapidly sees us as specialists on the subject. The press is talking about us because we are among the first ones to have a business blog in Quebec. With the RSS feed, our customers and friends hear abour us at least every week… this is good for business! Opossum is a consulting firm that helps his customers to use technology for learning and knowledge.

  2. Check out – I don’t know if this really falls in the Businss Blog arena – I am using their service and all of their updates and help notes are blogs. The service itself is all blog based.
    Its brilliant!
    Great blog! – Keep it up

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