COTC #10

Welcome one and all to this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists. We have the Tilt-a-Whirl set-up in the back corner. The carnies are waiting to take your money in those silly games that you could never possibly win and if you did, the only thing you would get is a KISS mirror. So grab your cotton candy and funnel cake, its time to enter the big top…

My trouble reading COTC each week is I never get all the way through it. I get caught up in the first couple of entries and run out of time to read the rest.

I chose to go with a simple format this week. I tried to write a simple headline for each entry. The entries are classified by the common definition for nouns – people, places, things, ideas, government programs, and taxes.




Was Marth Stewart’s Denial Material? asks Professor Bainbridge

Beware Headhunters at The Window Manager (I liked this one and feel a little smarter about the recruiting process).

Businesspundit is surrounded suckups.


Corruption in Indonesia Not So Bad? at Peak Talk


Voice over IP and Voice over IP 2 at Sama Blog

CurryBlog sings Gold on a Stairway to Heaven?

The Customer Focus Calculator at CRM Mastery

Index Funds – The Good and The Bad at The Calico Cat

The Benefits of Competition at


The Power of Combining Ideas at A Penny For…

Being an entrepreneur is cool or Everyone is going to quite their job and start a business? Yeah right. This post is at The Entrepreneurial Mind.

Open Source Pitfalls to Avoid at Ensight

Open trade does not mean all living standards must fall at Cold Springs Shops

The investing philosophy of Peter Lynch misundertood at The Big Picture

Capitalism Gangsta Style from Wordlab

Government Programs

Medicare Expansion at Dean’s World

This had a lot to say, but let’s go with – Passing regulations is another way to spend money. This is at Deinonychus Antirrhopus.

A Way to Privatize a Part of Social Security at Insults Unpunished

A Letter to President Bush about returning to the Moon at The Talking Wolf


Sales Tax and Online Shopping and the Follow-up at Les Jones Blog

Tax Incentives for Economic Development May Be Unconstiutional at Hobbs Online AM

Getting your money’s worth at Michael Williams (As a Wisconsin taxpayer, I was not happy to see America’s Dairyland ranked 43rd and only collect 83 cents of every dollar paid.)

P.S. Here are a few others I think you should check out:

Chris Shipley on the Molecular Corporation

An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth by Bruce Mau Design

The December issue of Springwise