Follow-up: Online Publishing

In Monday’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article about Time Inc.’s decision to shut off free access [subscription] to thirteen of its magazines’ Web sites. I talked about this two weeks ago, and was surprised that companies had not done this sooner.

Overall, they report the change has been positive. On May 2nd, the front cover of Entertainment Weekly had the Dixie Chicks with nothing but words on. This drew alot of people to the EW website. Many visitors where disappointed to find they were blocked from reading the article.

In a two-day period, Enterainment Weekly signed up about 1,500 new subscribers over the Web from people who wanted to read the articles, but couldn’t. That’s nearly five times the normal daily rate.

AOL Time Warner has continued to allow America On-line users access to the publications’ web sites, offering the content as a perk for their service.

This is another sign pointing in the direction of people are willing to pay for content.