You Need to Do One Thing Well

This thought has been crossing my mind for a couple of weeks now. You hear this alot in business: Focus on one thing and do it better than anybody else.

I saw the Judy Girard, president of the Food Network, interviewed recently and she said you only need one show to make a cable network. For them, it has been the BAM brand of Emeril.

Brett Favre is the Green Bay Packers’ one thing. Look at what he does when he is on the field. Favre just makes things happen (not to sound too much like John Madden). He has come from behind 23 times to win football games. As a Packer fan, you never feel that you are out of the game when he is on the field.

Inc. Magazine had an article in their June issue about Google’s laser focus on one thing: web searches.

I am working on growing my business, and we come up on this question alot. Does this job fit well with what we are really good at? When we get outside of our “one thing”, we seem to get ourselves into trouble – either in quality or profitablility. The answer has been to partner with others to gain additional capabilities (i.e. let’s take what they are good at and also offer it to our customers). It has worked well.

What is your one thing?

One thought on “You Need to Do One Thing Well

  1. This fits in with a comment which I wrote down after a conversation with a marketing lecturer a week or so ago..
    “Most small businesses fail to achieve their objectives because they try to address too many markets or do too many things…”
    This has been a key phrase for me in developing what our business is doing.
    Mark Needham

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