Essentials #7 – Wired Magazine

A few days ago, I was recommending this month’s issue of WIRED to an old co-worker. This month’s cover story is “The New Diamond Age” (in a past life, I use to grow diamond – in about 45 minutes). The past cub-mate said, “Isn’t WIRED a computer magazine?”

I would say it is a technology magazine. Some of the articles that caught my eye this month were the world power grid (very timely considering the rather large problems of today), the see-through sea-kayak, and crime prediction a la Minority Report. And I am only halfway through.

Technology fueled by ideas. It is those ideas I like being exposed to. They are ideas that I don’t run across through other items I read. To me, that is a sign that I have found the right source.

It’s $12 for a year’s subscription. You can drop that on lunch.

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