Trading Sponsors

Being a big fan of Trading Spaces, I couldn’t pass this story up.

Home Depot has bought exclusive rights to the orginial series (weekly viewership – 3 million), Trading Space Family (weekly viewership – 2 million), and the to-be released Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls. This means they cover the $1000 room budgets and provide tools and materials. It seems they also bought advertising time on other Discovery channels as a part of the deal.

In exchange, Home Depot’s products are highlighted on the show. It seems there are plans for stronger cross promotion, which include appearances of show stars at Home Depot events.

I think Trading Spaces builds a bigger brand by teaming with the home improvement giant. I am not as sure on the Home Depot side. I have always been leary of these soft sponsorship deals. I think of the same thing with NASCAR sponsorships. I know that there has been data thrown about about fan affinity for brands that sponsor cars. I just don’t buy something because it is on the side of a car or because Genevieve opened a can of it.

The orginal article was from my trusty source – The Wall Street Journal [subscription needed].