Micro Brews from Brewers Big and Small

When I read articles about products and services I use, I pay a little more attention. No big surprise. What surprises me though is how often I have never heard of the specific product or service. This tells me that there has been some problems with the marketing of that product.

The Wall Street Journal had an article on Friday about Anheuser-Busch and their lastest push into the high-end of the market [link-subscription]. Here is a list of failed AB products from the article:

  • Budweiser Red Label
  • Clydesdale Copper
  • Michelob Maple Brown
  • Michelob Spiced Ale

I have never heard of any of these products and I only drink “specialty” beers.

AB has introduced two new products to try again and tap into the high-end segment. Anheuser World Select comes in a green bottle and “tastes more like a Heineken.” Bare Knuckle is a dark heavy stout with a big head, which AB says is not meant to compete with Guinness. [shaking my head]

In Wisconsin, we are blessed with some really good breweries. I couldn’t end the post without some recommendations: