Essentials 4.3 – Purple Cow

Purple Cow is Seth’s latest work and continues to build on the ideas from his other books. Here he talks about the importance of being remarkable. And his meaning for the word is the definition that has you telling other people. It is another flavor of an ideavirus.

I have really been struck by this concept. When you put the remarkable litmus test on something, you start to think how rare the reamarkable is. Harry Potter is remarkable. Anheuser-Busch is not. Circuit City is not.

Seth again used the concepts to sell the book. It started with a pre-release edition of the book that was available in quantities of 12 for $60. The book came in a purple cow milk carton (pictures). The 4,000 copies were sold in 19 days. And every person that bought a dozen gave friends the other eleven copies. The virus spreads and interest builds as the release approaches.

In conjunction with the release, Seth wrote an ebook called 99 Cows. He wanted to further illustrate the idea of being remarkable with real live examples. He makes it available through Fast Company for free until August 1st. He makes it available through Amazon here and all the proceeds go to charity.

He also offers a Purple Cow workshop. And how do you spread the virus some more? Offer the workshop for free if you buy 25 copies of the hardcover. It got me and most of the other 50 people that were there.

I think it is another Essential read. There are plenty of resources below to find out about the Purple Cow phenomenon.

Purple Cow Links: