Essentials 4.2 – Unleashing the Ideavirus

Seth takes word of mouth marketing to the next level in Unleashing the Ideavirus. He claims interruptions no longer work at means to make people aware of your product. He says the way for someone to find out about your product is from someone else. From there, Seth creates a whole new vocabulary and talks about hives and sneezers.

He again uses his methods to move his book. He posted the book at Anyone could download it for free. Anyone could pass it on to someone else. At last check, a couple hundred thousand people had done just that.

What is more amazing is that people started contacting Seth and asking when the book was going to be published. You could get the book for free and people still wanted a souvenir. He had a small run of the book published and sold copies for $50 a piece. He sold them out. The more he gave the book away, the more money he made.

Unleashing the Ideavirus is another required read. Go download it for free and figure out how to make it work for your business.