What is open-source marketing?

Steve Ruebel wrote last week about Mozilla and open source marketing.

First, I like what Mozilla is doing with the Spread Firefox campaign and am supporting it. I would describe the NYT ad campaign as fund-raising though. Nothing more. Yes, it is for open-source and the response has been great, but it is not open-source marketing.

Did Mozilla go to their evangelists and say, “How can we launch 1.0 with a bang?” I don’t know. I would love to see in the FAQs how they came up with the idea. They do have a forum for Marketing Ideas, but like many forums, it is hard to see what it bubbling up and being used.

They have hired a PR agency to help with the ad placement and managing the story. Did they ask if the community wanted to help? I think they could have pulled together a stable of professionals who would have loved to help with this launch.

I want to say again I like what Mozilla is doing. I want a different definition and better examples for what open source marketing is.

More soon…