My First Day

todd headshot 2016
Today marks my first day at an old job.

After five years away, I am returning full-time to Astronaut Projects, my publishing studio based in Portland, Oregon.

IT Revolution has been a great home. I have so much gratitude for Gene, Margueritte, and the whole team for my time at ITRev.

The Phoenix Project started as a novel for technology leaders that we launched as a self-published book on Amazon in 2013. With each indicator of success, we iterated. We first released the title as a hardcover and an ebook, followed that with a paperback edition and then an audiobook. We followed that with The DevOps Handbook and titles by other authors in the technology community. In my time there, we sold over 500,000 copies of our books.

2017 kept nudging me in a new direction. My trip to India nudged me. Our family trip to Europe over the summer poked me. My 46th birthday elbowed me.

Many things, big and small, kept pointing me to focus back on my own business.

So, here I am, on my first day back as excited as ever.  With new beginnings, you never know where they will lead, but I do know my future is with authors, books and readers.

I help experts create better books and grow their businesses.

If you are thinking about publishing a book, I can probably help. Let’s talk.

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