New PR Tool: Sex Tapes

Driving home from work last night, I heard a radio advertisement for Fox’s “A Simple Life”. This is the reality show that puts Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton on a farm in Arkansas. If you haven’t seen it, I guess you would call it Park Avenue meets dirt road.

The ad called it “The Lost Episode” and said, “They had a tape of never before seen footage of Nicole and Paris…[insert record scratching]…Not that kind of tape.”

Enter the latest tool for public relations – sex tapes. Paris Hilton’s tape surfaced just prior to “A Simple Life” hitting the airwaves. I thought it could be a coincidence, but with Fox now referencing it in their commericials, it was clearly a PR tool.

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba of Creating Customer Evangelists have as one of their six tenets – Napsterize Your Knowledge. This from their Discussion Guide:

[Companies] who spread this Napsterized knowledge quickly and efficiently to their own networks, thereby building more loyalty with existing customers and increasing the company’s pool of prospects. [pg9]

I may be stretching their definition of “knowledge”. In this case, the images and the idea of Paris became Napsterized. The idea was virusworthy because people are fascinated with the Rich and people are even more fascinated with sex tapes.