Business Blog Book Tour – 7 days away!

We will be starting the Business Blog Book Tour here at A Penny For… next Monday.

I am going to post some “start your own business” material this week as lead-in to Barry Moltz’s “You Need to Be A Little Crazy

I want to start with Loic Le Meur’s series on how to start and grow your own business. I orginally saw it at Joi Ito and Jeremy at Ensight linked to it a couple of months ago.

  1. The Idea Has No Value – Only Execution Counts
  2. Find the Best People and Trusy Them
  3. Work Long Term Rather Than Short Term
  4. Respect and Talk to Your Competitors
  5. Raise Funds or Not?
  6. Networking is Key

In December, Loic posted an entry in December with a Table of Contents and ideas for additional columns.

Check it out!