Smarter than he looks

Sam gets voted off The Apprentice last night. This morning, he was on the Today show and took the opportunity to ask his girlfriend of five years to marry him. She said yes.

I just saw Sam and his finance on CNBC. He was helping promote the rebroadcast of the first episode. If you miss how the whole thing started, tune into CNBC at 9/8C tonight.

I’ll post my review of Episode 3 a little later.

P.S. We haven’t seen the last of Sam…

P.P.S. This is an article from the Fox News site. Yesterday, Sam emailed the New York Post about what happened on the show and how he was “misunderstood”. I found it interesting that they had quotes from his then girlfriend and 5th grade teacher. I’d say he has good PR people.

One thought on “Smarter than he looks

  1. When Trump told Sam he was fired, Sam got this look on his face that was very creepy. I thought he was gonna go postal or something.

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