The Audience

Being a new blog, I have been trying to get an idea if people are reading and what they think. By looking at the logs, the traffic on the site is gradually increasing. I have seen a couple of my posts come up on other blogs.

The post I want to talk about is over on Webmink. I decided to try a campaign using Google ads to increase readership here at A Penny For. I have been experimenting with 5 different keyword combinations. Some of the keywords I have been using include blog, weblog, and blogging. I am finding these are expensive words, often competing with others that are trying to market blogging software. The CPC costs between $0.25 and $1.00. The clickthrough rate on all of the ads is under 1%, so it is not breaking the bank.

Simon found my site through an Google Adsense ad that came up on his site. The interesting thing I am finding is that 70% of the clickthroughs are coming through these syndicated ads.

The other half of Simon’s entry talks about the lack of a RSS feed.
I am working on that right now…