Four Things About BizBookLab

  1. BizBookLab is run by Todd Sattersten(that’s me).  I am co-author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time (Portfolio, 2009). I also served as president of Milwaukee-based business bookseller 800-CEO-READ.

  3. BizBookLab works with business thought leaders who want to write a book. We work with people developing concepts and proposals. We help authors on structuring editing of manuscripts. We help authors launch books. We also host live events to teach authors about the whole process of idea to launch.

  5. BizBookLab works with publishers around the world to identify business books for their publishing program. As a literary scout for this specific segment, we provide unparalleled information and insights about the business book market.

  7. BizBookLab runs experiments testing the assumptions of what publishing is. Everything I Know About Business Books (so far) is the first test; an unbook that is more like software that sacred text and has been published in four editions using print on demand technology. The latest is the SXSW 2011 edition.

You can find me quickly on Twitter at @toddsattersten.