BizBookLab LIVE – June 2011

June 21st and 22nd, 2011

Portland, Oregon

Presented by:

Todd Sattersten of BizBookLab
Tim Grahl of Out:think Group
Shelley Dolley of Leap7

The disruption is impossible to ignore any longer. Book publishing is going to through a once in a lifetime metamorphosis. We don’t pretend to know exactly how it will all turn out, but we do know that there is a destructive argument taking place again and again.

  • Should I commercially publish my next book or self-publish it myself?
  • Should I pursue traditional media or devote all of my efforts to social media?
  • Does speaking have to be part of my business model or now can I stay home and just write?

Notice how all of these create an argument pitting the past against the future. The question is “Should I do this OR that?”

That’s not the right question.

Better yet, there shouldn’t even be a question. Replace OR with AND.

For two days we are going to talk about what good ideas sound like, how to build tribes around ideas, and how to spread ideas powerfully through public speaking. We are going to examine the traditional and innovative methods for building your career as a business thought leader. You are going to hear about tactics that worked and ones that didn’t work.

At the end of BizBookLab you will have a solid plan for your book career and next steps to accomplishing your goals.

The Lab will be anchored by three presentations:

Every Book Is A Start-Up

Like most new businesses, most books fail. Todd Sattersten, founder of BizBookLab, thinks he can change that. Looking at power law science, the best business books ever written, and lean start-up principles, he will discuss the realities and the possibilities for successfully launching your next book.

Build Your Tribe

Internet marketing for authors is a huge, confusing mess. Should I be on Facebook? Twitter? Email marketing? Blogging? Tim Grahl, the owner of Out:think, has worked with major bestselling authors and will teach a proven system for creating a plan, engaging your audience and building a fan base that will buy a lot of books and support your entire career.

Speaking Success

Is there anything more fulfilling than sharing your ideas from a stage with an engaged audience? It can certainly be more profitable than the royalty checks from your publisher. Shelley Dolley, the founder of Leap 7, will provide an insider’s view of the speaking industry and describe simple, common sense strategies used by business authors who command large keynote fees.

These presentations will lead to more discussions and answers to questions like:

  • What 3 questions do all great books answer?
  • What 4 questions do journalists ponder when considering a review?
  • Why are business books more like concert t-shirts than tomes of knowledge?
  • What are the 5 Best Topics For A Business Book?
  • How Your Interests Are And Are NOT Aligned with The Publisher?
  • What do ponds and oceans have to do with market segments in publishing?
  • How do I build a tribe of followers and successfully launch my next project?
  • What are the 24 alternate forms your book can take?
  • What 1 thing can I do to deliver a better speech?
  • What’s the secret behind a compelling speech?
  • What’s the most effective tool to sell a speech?

BizBookLab FAQs:

Who should attend BizBookLab?

Experts and thought leaders who primarily work with businesses. Both published authors and those planning their publishing strategy are invited to attend.

Who will be speaking?

Todd, Shelley, and Tim will be the main presenters and facilitators and we plan to have a few more people to provide additional insight.

What will be discussed?

The goal is to give each participant exposure to a wide variety of knowledge on the ever-changing landscape and help each attendee formulate the right combination of elements for their next step in publishing and speaking

Can you give me an idea of what the two days will be structured like?

Sure. We will alternate between 60 minute sessions and 30 minutes breaks both days. My experience is that attendees want to spend as much time learning from and connecting with each other as they do hearing from “experts,” so we give plenty for time for that.

The schedule will go something like this:

Tues Morning – Concept Development – Sticky Storytelling
Lunch – Onsite
Tues Afternoon – Tribe Building
Dinner – Clyde Commons
Tuesday Evening – an event open to the public called PageTurn: A Set of Ideas
About The Future of Publishing
Wed Morning – Building Your Speaking Career
Lunch – Checking out the Portland Food Truck Scene
Wed Afternoon – The Plan – What Do You Do Next?

When is the event?

The BizBookLab takes place on June 21st and 22nd, 2011. That is Tuesday and Wednesday of that week.

Where is the event being held?

We are holding it at an event space called The Cleaners in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Where should I stay?

Ace Hotel Portland is a great choice and next door to our venue. (They are booked up.)

The newly opened Crystal Hotel is located two blocks from The Cleaners is a great choice.

Portland? June?

The choices were all practical. If you are a consultant, trainer, or speaker, this is the one of two times of the year (the other being the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas) when things slow down. And yes, I am asking you to get on another plane, but instead of helping others, we are going to spend some important time thinking about what you should do next, the exact thing you are constantly advising clients to do.

What is the weather going to be like in Portland?

The summers are incredible here. Average daytime temps are in the 70’s.


For two days you will have access to:

Todd Sattersten: The business book expert that will help you develop an idea into a book that will sell.

Tim Grahl: The expert on building your online platform that will successfully launch your next book and sustain your entire career.

Shelley Dolley: The expert on leveraging a business book into a lucrative speaking career.

A $1000 investment that will reap huge returns.


What if I have more questions?

Get in touch with Todd. You can call 503-616-3092 or email me toddsattersten at gmail (dot) com.


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