We’ll look back…

We’ll look back at the last two weeks as pivotal times in digital media.

We know have price points for all digital media. I am not saying this is what media will forever cost or that it is the right price point , but this is what you can soon buy for 99 cents:

  • 20 pages of a book
  • 3 to 7 minutes of music
  • 22 minutes of video

There is a disconnect when you look at them from a production cost standpoint (i.e. books are cheap, TV is expensive). You also see something similar from a file size/bandwidth standpoint (i.e. books in KB, video in GB).

Music and video have priced their product for digital distribution.

Publishers have not. They are trying to protect their turf. I don’t see any consideration for the elimination of physical distribution and returns. This attitude is going to continue cost them share of mind and share of wallet.