A Little Feedback Needed

I have been running BizLinkBlog for a couple of weeks and I wanted to see what everyone thought of it. Dana likes it. I find that I am only posting a couple things a day over there and I wondered if I need something separate for that. I could just as easily do that here. I know the expectations are a little lower on the LinkBlog, because you know you are only going to get link and maybe a sentence about it.

OK, enough back and forth. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “A Little Feedback Needed

  1. Personally, I love it, and I love the fact that it’s only a few posts. If you post 20 a day, I’d be selective; here I trust that you’re being selective enough for me, so just about every link gets followed. To me it’s the human element aggregation has needed.

    As for keeping it on the main A Penny For… blog, I wouldn’t, to me they serve different purposes, I get something different out of both, this forum is for thoughts, opinions, and comments, the BizLinkBlog is purely, for me anyway, a source of good content…!

  2. Aloha Todd,
    I agree with Rich: your selectivity has been the attractive part about it for me, for we who love blog reading are all having a hard time keeping up, and it’s wonderful to have someone with your eye for quality do the filtering for us!
    I also like having it separate from this blog, keeping this one about you and your perspective.
    Your link blog is a very unselfish service provided to us, mahalo for doing it.

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