Brand Week – Question #1

I thought we would begin with something simple:

What is your definition of a brand? 25 words or less.

I thought we’d start with this question to see where everyone is as we begin the discussion.

22 thoughts on “Brand Week – Question #1

  1. Ideals –> Bonds –> Communities. Another word for community is Brand.

    [9 words, 2 arrows.]

    A brand’s job is mobilizing affinity, and assuming leadership of that community–sometimes benignly, sometimes forcefully, but always in service of the shared ideals of the group–company and consumer.

    [30 more words.]

    In this way, the most effective brands do have an almost visionary quality about them. They mirror back to consumers and employees and even competitors an imagined ideal future they often can’t enunciate themselves. They guide. They imprint. And that’s gold.

    [41 more words.]

    80 words and 2 arrows. One hopes the first 9 give me permission to offer the next thirty. And then, those 39 have opened the gate to 41 more. If I do the rest right, I may have just found a new friend. Another relationship based on shared ideals—a brand—may have begun.

    Now, I have to grow both of us.

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  3. My simple, jargon-free, active defination of branding is:

    Branding is about being remarkable. Branding answers the question of why a company/product exists. Branding is the heart, the soul, and the essence of a company/product.

  4. Combining my Wizard knowledge with study of the brain, my generic, simplified definition of branding:

    Branding means planting your business in the reward behavior area of a customer’s brain – the same area that responds to chocolate, sex, and beauty in general. You should be first and foremost in the mind of a customer when they need your product or service, and they should feel a sense of reward just by thinking of you.

    As for how to do that, well, that’s another topic…

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  9. “That which separates one commodity from all other commodities.”

    9 words. Yay!

    Denition 2: “Word often used by marketing schlumps to hide intellectual bankruptcy.”

    10 words. Yay!

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  11. If the consumer has heard of us, we’ve done our job.” Fortunately for agencies, brand value is extremely difficult to measure, so branding campaigns can be easily defended with grandiose predictions of future glory.

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