Right message, right time

You have heard the story that it takes somewhere between 9 and 15 times for someone to get your message. That message could be a CEO talking to the company employees. It could be a marketer looking for prospects. That is the whole frequency part of the advertising equation.

The other part is finding people who are receptive to your message. These are people who are in the right frame of mind to consider your offer and act on. That’s what happened with me and Barry’s book. I find my choice of blogs shifts and meanders based on my current interests. I think this is the harder part of the marketer’s job. How do you know what people are thinking and anticipate their need?

My stay-at-home status has changed interests. I find myself reading more about child development. I have been reading more on how to improve my writing skills.

I have also been thinking about how to spend my extra time. My wife works three days a week, and she is going to watch the little guy on the other two days. That leaves me two days to work on what I like. I am having figuring out the “what I like” part. There are a lot of possibilities from spending more time on the blog to writing a book (doesn’t everybody want to write I book?) to planting the seeds for another business.

I have been finding cyberspace support at The Occuptional Adventure. I really enjoyed his recent post on being sure you know what success is. I just finished reading Wooden by Coach John Wooden and says the same thing. He says people driven by the idea of success end up disappointed when they reach their goal.

I think my definition of success is changing and right now I am searching the marketplace for material and ideas to help with that process.

Like I said, it is all about timing.