NBC’s The Apprentice – Episode 4

Score – Women 4 Men 0

The challenge this week was running the Times Square Planet Hollywood Restaurant. Each team ran the establishment for one evening and their revenues were compared to the revenues earned during that evening the prior year. The women’s team raised revenues 31.3% ($16537 vs. $12592) on the first night. On the second night, the men only raised them 6.8% ($14069 vs. $13186).

This week’s lessons were subtle, but important:

  1. Don’t Sell a False Bill of Goods – Kwame signing Planet Hollywood basketballs was not ethical. I think the scene was edited to make the situation gray rather than the black and white that it was. I am with Nick on that one. Troy moves down a notch in my book.
  2. Sex Sells, but Only So Much – The PH Shooter Girls seemed to move a lot of drinks on their way to the win, but were later reprimanded by Donald and Carolyn. Carolyn said they would not get a job at Trump acting in that matter.

Buoy got the axe for no great reason. I think Donald took the opportunity to remove someone who he would never hire.

The promo for next week showed a reorganization for the apprentices. If you can keep up with it, it is back on Thursdays now. I think they were getting trounced by Idol and were looking for a safer spot. I wouldn’t think going against CSI would be any better. You can also catch reruns on CNBC.