The Switch

I need your help.

I have decided to make the switch to Apple. I am tired of dealing with all of the problems of the PC world.

I think this is the path Jobs has planned for some time. I started the conversion with my iPod. Then, I downloaded iTunes and bought some music. The trouble is that iTunes won’t recognize my CD drive and I can’t burn any discs. The CD problem is not why I am converting. I want to try the other side.

I am going to buy a 15″ Powerbook, but haven’t decided which one yet.

For all the Apple users, I am hoping you will help me with these three questions:

  1. Is there any advantage to buying from another source besides directly from Apple?
  2. Would you recommend buying the AppleCare package to extend the warranty?
  3. What blogs and websites should I start reading get familiar with my new life?

7 thoughts on “The Switch

  1. Todd,

    I own a 15″. It’s my third Mac in 5 years… first one was an original iMac in 1998. Second one was an iBook 700 about two years ago, and then this Powerbook about 5-6 months ago… I think. My advice:

    Buy from Apple online, or a local retailer that you trust to refund your money if you hate it. The advantages of buying from a local retailer is that you can yell at the manager in person if you have to. There aren’t any advantages to buying from a cataloger anymore… The only store I’d recommend over Apple would be CompUSA as a local option, or SmallDog in Vermont ( — very trustworthy.

    Yes, buy the AppleCare 3 year warranty, if you can afford it. It’s worth it. Every time I’ve needed something repaired, I just call Apple, send it in via their package and then they get it back to me in 24 – 48 hours…

    Blogs to read? Check my blogroll… 😉

  2. Sadly, I’ve been considering as well. My biggest problem is I do too much programming and would miss mature development tools.

    Maybe as a second computer though.

  3. You’ll have to share your experience… I too am becoming disillusioned with the PC world. My Sony Vaio laptop — all of 1.3 years old, and 3 months past warranty expiration — died on me. CompUSA’s had it for a couple months and can’t fix it. They’re replacing it with a refurbished Toshiba, for which I’ll only get a 90-day warranty (or I can buy another extended warranty through CompUSA). Now from what I’ve heard, Apple’s reliability is the best out there. And it looks cooler. My only concern is software (I’d need to replace a TON of software) and file compatibility with clients on PCs (although I hear that’s better now).

  4. Jennifer,
    You should be able to run most of your software with VirtualPC. I’ve never had to use it, but it has an excellent reputation. (VPC is not yet running on G-5’s, but any Apple laptop will be OK.)

    File compatibility seems good these days– at least I no longer have problems opening Word docs, or saving in Word format. And it’s now a cinch to compress files in the .sit format.

  5. Go for it. I’ve bought 8 different Macs since 1984, and haven’t been disappointed yet. You will have to adjust to doing things Apple’s way, but then you will find that things go very smoothly. Or if you are a technical type, OS-X is just a thin crust over a deep bog of UNIX–do anything you want.

    Pogue’s book OS-X The Missing Manual (Panther ed,) is very good. Also blogger Brian Tiemann has a book out, but I haven’t read it yet.

    For a laptop, I’d recommend AppleCare. I’ve never bought it for desktops, and so far that’s been the right choice.
    It’s nice to have a good local retailer, but if not, use Apple or Smalldog. I think that now laptops are all repaired by Apple, so a local place isn’t so important. Feel free to ask me questions…

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