My review of NBC’s The Apprentice

Jeremy was more timely with his review of The Apprentice, but I thought I would give you my two cents.

If you missed the episode, the potential apprentices were divided into two gender based teams. Each week, there is a competition and the losing team has a member removed by Don Trump. The last apprentice standing gets a job running one of Trump’s companies.

The first competition was selling lemonade on the streets of New York. Each team was given $250 and the team with the most money at the end of the day won. The men doubled their money, while the women quadrupled their money.

The main reason the women crushed the men was they were selling lemonade for $5 a glass to the men’s $1 a glass. If the women’s team not argued for three hours about what they were going to do, they probably would have done even better.

My takeaway from this eposide is “People will pay for an experience”. I talked about this three weeks ago. The men were selling lemonade. The women were selling an experience. Customers smiled as they handed over their Abraham Lincolns to the ladies. Some may argue “sex sells”, but I honestly think it was more than that.

I, like Jeremy, will probably watch another eposide to see how else they test the contestants.

3 thoughts on “My review of NBC’s The Apprentice

  1. To be honest, I think the men’s experience, at least initially, was better. The whole cart / great glasses / ice thing was much better than the women’s.

    Sure, they were just selling lemonade, but when the women’s sign said “free kiss with lemonade” … Well, yeah, it was still sex selling.

    I’m hoping further weeks put the groups to the test more. I don’t think Week 1 was unfair, as the men had the drive, motivation and everything to do just as well they just didn’t.

    Poor Sam 😉

  2. I thought it was interesting that David(MD, MBA), the guy who was given the boot, consoled himself by saying that he had a higher IQ than the other contestants. He didn’t appear to be very smart as he was nearly accosting a bicyclist with his sign. Sam is a monumental, energetic suck-up; he’ll go far in the corporate world. His primary motivation is to get the approval of the big cheese. I doubt that that is a winning characteristic of entrepreneurs. It is an interesting show, but I won’t be missing CSI next week to watch it.

  3. Hey,
    i want to know if apprentice is actually staged at some stages, i find atleast 3 ppl in the first episode of the second season.. particularly juvinile in their attitude, no one in their proper mind would have worn clothes like Raj or said something like “he looks like a mini version of dumb and dumber” or for that matter behaved the way stacie did in the first round. I am sorry i didnt see the first season, but for all the ranting and raving reviews of this show.. if these ppl were chosen among say 40 million applications.. why were these 3 particularly trying to stand out.. can anyone throw some light on this?

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