More Kindred Folks

I wanted to give you some more blogs to read. If you are circulating through the business blogs, you have probably visited them. I like each of them and they are going to find a permanent spot on my sidepost.

I like Jennifer Rice and the question asking blog “What’s Your Brand Mantra?”.

I mentioned Brand Autopsy a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to get them in with the other Spirits.

The Entrepreneurial Mind is hosted by Dr. Jeffery Cornwall. I like that he has a new nugget for business builders each day.

Venturpreneur has another take on the world of entrepreneurship (and he is from Wisconsin).

Church of the Customer has too much good stuff going on. They give 10 customer resolutions for 2004 that you must read and complete.

By the way, Jackie and Ben recently followed up Creating Customer Evangelists with the Creating Customer Evangelists Discussion Guide. I think it is a good follow-up. It summarizes the book well and gets you and your team focused on applying the six principles you business.