The marvelous product called the NFL

I love the NFL. I think they are the only major sports league in America that understands what they have to do to be successful. Outside of NASCAR, they are the only league seeing their viewership increasing. They understand the importance of revenue sharing and real salary caps.

I think they also understand drama. They have pulled together this amazing combination of rules, players, and rivalries to create compelling stories. Could you have written the script that put the Packers in the playoffs?

Brett Favre’s father passes away two weeks ago. Favre decides to play and has one of the best games of his career. He passes for 399 and throws 4 TDs. Packers win on Monday Night.

As start time approaches on the last game of the season, the cards are not falling in the Packers’ favor. Because of Dallas’ loss, Seattle’s win, and Cleveland’s win, the Packers lose control of their destiny. The Packers must win and Minnesota must lose. The Packers’ take an early lead in their game and are in complete control by the third quarter winning 31-3.

Minnesota is winning against mediocre Arizona 17-6 with a little over two minutes left in the game. Arizona drives and scores to close to 17-12. Arizona recovers the onside kick, drives, and scores on the final play of the game to win 18-17.

Packers are in the Playoffs.

I’ll leave you with a quote from an article:

The turnabout was so extraordinary that Favre, still struggling with his father’s death, suggested something spiritual was taking place.

“I’ve been around people who have lost a family member or have lost someone close to them and they say that person’s there watching or angels, whatever,” Favre said. “I would say two weeks ago I didn’t really believe in that, but I think we’d better start believing in something.”